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You Made A Difference: Chloe Lewis

Feb. 23, 2017

By Cassie Logan |

ARLINGTON, Texas -- From her first visit, Chloe Lewis felt immediately in her heart UTA was where she belonged. 

She didn't need to be persuaded. The campus and athletic facilities did all the talking, but the voice that spoke the loudest was the camaraderie that echoed throughout the entire department. She could tell the UTA Mavericks were a family and in that moment, the track and field athlete knew she needed to be a part of something bigger. 

Lewis recently received the Coy Garrett Intercollegiate Athletics Endowment scholarship awarded to athletes with outstanding character. Her dedication to giving back and effort to loving the university was highlighted at the first-ever Maverick Club Endowed Scholarship Reception. For the junior, it was an opportunity to represent her fellow student-athletes and make her dad, a former quarterback at Baylor, proud.

"I experienced the confirmation that when we work hard, we are rewarded," Lewis said. "There were so many student-athletes there that night that understood the same thing. That reward isn't necessarily just a monetary reward, but it's an honor to have seen that many donors in attendance support us and love UTA."

Lewis is a visual representation of what it means to be a Maverick, and just how prominent the support of the Maverick Club can impact a student. It motivates and drives toward becoming an all-around better member of the community. Her talents stretch far beyond the field and have poured over into broadcasting, service and leadership roles on campus.

The Belton, Texas native is a member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and carries the task of finding new ways to strengthen bonds among all Mavericks. She's passionate about the idea that when UTA student-athletes come together as a unit, it makes for a better experience in athletic competition and in service around the community.

Most recently, the Maverick has become a staple at College Park Center as an in-game host for some men's and women's, and volleyball games. Lewis also has the ability to interact with students on campus on a daily basis through her work as a Resident Assistant and Maverick Orientation Leader. Her voice even travels through UTA's Division of Student Affairs, where she serves as a member of the CORE, an elite group of students who help advise the Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Tim Quinnan.

Through all she's accomplished in her three years at UTA, Lewis is grateful for the backing of all donors and alumni who continue to believe in students like herself, those that are driven and empowered to be a Mav.

With the scholarship, Lewis said she's been able to continue school with a plan to graduate in Dec. 2018, and worry less about financial issues. She's received the gift of opportunity to explore her passions and conquer goals fearlessly on and off the field.

"Donor support limits my worry and greatly helps me continue to pursue the things I love," Lewis said. "Knowing that I have a community like the Maverick Club in my corner, wanting me to succeed makes me want to work harder."

If you're interested in becoming a Maverick Club member, supporting UTA Athletics, and our 225+ student-athletes like Chloe, please click here or email


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