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March 12, 2009

UT-Athletic Pop Culture Survey

1. I can't believe people still care about...

Ryan Davis: Steroids in baseball, eating healthy...we're all fat and downloading music illegally.

Shalyn Martin: Gas prices

Ishmael Awange: Sleeping. My coach doesn't his eyes are spongy.

2. Best movie of all time...

Davis: Transformers...Megan Fox. Wow!

Martin: Why did I get Married.

Awange: Beowolf and 2 Pac Ressurection

3. __________ really makes my stomach turn.

Davis: Root Beer and Milk

Martin: Seeing broken bones

Awange: Soft drinks

4. _______&_______ should sing a duet/collaborate.

Davis: Aerosmith and Lady GaGa

Martin: Beyonce and Justin Timberlake

Awange: President Barack Obama and Head Men's B-ball Coach Scott Cross

5. People often mistake me for __________________.

Davis: A cool person. At heart I'm a dork.

Martin: Joan (Character from the show Girlfriends)

Awange: Iron Man

6. I'd be embarrassed if anyone ever saw my...

Davis: My Tom Cruise Risky Business skit where he sings "Old Time Rock n' Roll."

Martin: My driver's side door. The handle is broke :(.

Awange: My bed. My legs hang off!

7. I'd never trust anything __________ says.

Davis: Infomericals

Martin: N/A

Awange: Marques Haynes (fellow teammate of Awange's)

8. If you could be one person for a day, who would it be...

Davis: Chuck Liddell. I would sit on a bench and stare at people all day long.

Martin: President Barack Obama

Awange: Bishop T.D. Jakes

9. Songs currently playing on your iPod are...

Davis: Incubus' Morning View, The Killer's I Got Soul, John Legend's Let's Get Lifted and Frank Sinatra's Luck be a Lady

Martin: Ne-Yo's She Got Her Own

Awange: 2 Pac's All Eyes on Me and Kirk Franklin's Now Behold the Lamb

10. Athlete you try to copy your game after...

Davis: Babe Ruth

Martin: Nobody

Awange: Dwight Howard, Amar'e Stoudemire and UTA's Athony Vereen


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