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UTA Student Athletes Lend-a-Hand

Aug. 21, 2009

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ARLINGTON, Texas - As the school year is set to begin on Monday, UT Arlington student-athletes volunteer to help other students move into their dorms throughout the day on Thursday.

Men's and women's basketball started off the day splitting their time between Arlington Hall and Kalpana Chawla Hall, helping the first wave of students unload. Soon after, the softball and volleyball teams relieved the first movers and took over the heavy lifting, walking student's items, from microwaves to mini-fridges, up to their rooms throughout the buildings. To finish off the day, the baseball team helped the last round of students move into Lipscomb.

The athletes enjoyed their time helping the students because it gave them an opportunity to be involved and also spend time with their teammates off the court or field.

"It's another kind of way for us to hang out with each other outside the volleyball court," says Teena Sobczak, the team's only Senior. "To do something together that's still school related but not just volleyball all the time."

They also feel that it builds a type of camaraderie between students and athletes.

"It represents us as an athletic group," says Liz Lopez. "We're out here helping regular students move in and hope to get the same in return in other ways - we help them, they help us - it builds a relationship between regular students and student athletes."

The athletes are all ready for their seasons to get underway. The volleyball team will participate in their annual Blue/White Scrimmage on Sunday at Texas Hall at 3:00 p.m.


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