Hall of Fame

Class of 2015 (release ) Sport / Staff Position Feature
Elston Cawley Men's Track and Field HOH-Cawley
Hunter Pence Baseball HOH-Pence
Mike Stamps Football HOH-Stamps
Valeria Whitfield Volleyball HOH-Whitfield
1996-2000 Men's Track and Field Teams Men's Track and Field HOH-Track&Field
Class of 2013 (release / ceremony) Sport / Staff Position
Mishael Berger Women's Track and Field HOH-Berger
Pete Carlon Athletic Director (1996-2012) HOH-Carlon
Clay Gould Baseball Coach and Student-Athlete HOH-Gould
1990 and 1992 Baseball Teams Baseball HOH-Baseball
Class of 2010 (Release) Sport / Staff Position
Tracy Burr Women's Basketball
Christian Jaeger Men's Tennis
Jim Marcum Football
1998-2001 Men's Tennis Teams Men's Tennis
Class of 2009 (release) Sport / Staff Position
Rayla Allison Softball Coach and Student-Athlete
Mike Barnes Football
Jeff Burrow Baseball
Jenny Hockett Women's Track and Field
Class of 2008 (release) Sport / Staff Position
Heather Hoy-Martin Volleyball
Gary Lewis Football
Dr. Bill Reeves Men's Basketball Coach and Athletic Director (1975-1989)
1977 Softball Team Softball
Class of 2007 (release) Sport / Staff Position
Errol Byles Men's Track and Field
Bob Diem Football
Theresa Noggler-Fangman Volleyball
1990-92 Men's Track and Field Teams Men's Track and Field
Class of 2006 (release) Sport / Staff Position
Tom Beasley Football and Baseball Coach
Paul Renfro Men's Basketballl
B.G. Wilson Baseball
Brenda Woodard Softball
1967-68 Men's Swimming and Diving Teams Men's Swimming and Diving
Class of 2005 (release) Sport / Staff Position
Scotty Caldwell Football
Gwen Clardy-Ross Women's Track and Field
Chris Rudiger Volleyball
1995 Women's Track and Field Team Women's Track and Field
1981 Men's Basketball Team Men's Basketball
Class of 2004 Sport / Staff Position
Marvin 'Butch' McBroom Baseball Coach and Athletic Administrator
Carolyn Smith Women's Basketball
Robert Willbanks Football
1966-67 Football Teams Football
Class of 2003 Sport / Staff Position
Ronald Hancock Men's Track and Field
Eva Jonsson Women's Track and Field
Justin Rowland Men's Track and Field
Shawn Sweeten Volleyball
1956-57 Football Teams Football
1988-89 Volleyball Teams Volleyball
Class of 2002 Sport / Staff Position
Bruce Collie Football
Ralph McPherson Men's Basektball
Mike Nau Men's Basketball
Angela Nelson-Martinez Women's Track and Field
Class of 2001 Sport / Staff Position
Fred Arnold Football
Ron Barnett Football and Baseball
Allen Lowes Men's Track and Field and Football
Katie Weismiller Volleyball
Class of 2000 Sport / Staff Position
Dick Hill Football
Jimmy Thomas Football
Lisa Austin Women's Track and Field
Monte Stratton Track and Field Coach
Class of 1999 Sport / Staff Position
Ana de Oliveira Volleyball
Howard Prager Baseball
Glen Throckmorton Football
Class of 1998 Sport / Staff Position
Larry Dowler Swimming
Danny Griffin Football
Brenda Marshall Softball
Class of 1997 Sport / Staff Position
Willie Brand Men's Basketball
Mark Cannon Football
Lisa Love Volleyball Coach
Joel McCray Men's Track and Field
Ken Ozee Football
Eddie Stallings Men's Basketball
Class of 1996 Sport / Staff Position
Sara Massey-Bontke Women's Track and Field
Paul 'Cotton' Mitchell Men's Basketball
McClinton Neal Men's Track and Field
Cliff Odom Football
Judd Ramsey Football
Mary Ridgway Volleyball Coach
Randy Thorpe Baseball
Class of 1994 Sport / Staff Position
Burley Bearden Football Coach
Sansiski Daniels Men's Track and Field
Kathy Gunter-Stanfield Volleyball, Women's Basketball, Women's Track and Field, and Softball
Willie Thomas Football
Class of 1993 Sport / Staff Position
Don Easterling Swimming Coach
L.R. Dink Ford Men's Basketball
Charlie Key Football Coach
Gene Schrickel Men's Basketball
Class of 1992 Sport / Staff Position
H.A.D. 'Hoss' Dunsworth Student-Athlete, Faculty, Coach, and Supporter
Trey Hillman Baseball
Ric Nesbit Swimming
Bruce Tibbets Men's Basketball
Class of 1991 Sport / Staff Position
James G. 'Klepto' Holmes Football, Men's Basketball, Baseball
Al Culton Men's Basketball
Gilbert Smith Men's Track and Field
Class of 1990 Sport / Staff Position
Wayne Coble Football and Men's Track and Field
Dale Drennan Men's Track and Field
Carl Knox Men's Basketball, Men's Tennis, and Football
Class of 1989 Sport / Staff Position
Skip Butler Football
Theresa Frederick Volleyball
Howard Payne Shannon Baseball and Men's Track and Field
Class of 1988 Sport / Staff Position
Roy Dewalt Football
Bobby Lane Athletic Trainer and Track and Field Coach
Tom Tinker Men's Basketball Coach and Athletic Director
Class of 1987 Sport / Staff Position
Mike Baylor Football
Jody Conradt Volleyball, Women's Basketball, and Softball Coach
Derrick Jensen Football
John Schnable Football
Class of 1985 Sport / Staff Position
Dexter Bussey Football
Calvin Lee Football
Doug Russell Swimming
Class of 1984 Sport / Staff Position
Claude 'Chena' Gilstrap Football Coach and Athletic Director (1953-1975)




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