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The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is a committee that meets monthly to discuss both campus, departmental, and national issues of concern to student-athletes. The chair of the SAAC is a student-athlete and the committee consists of one - three appointed student-athletes from each team as well as the student-athlete representative from the President's Advisory Council. The SAAC also includes athletic department staff as advisors and resource people.

The purpose of the SAAC is to provide student-athletes the opportunity to communicate more effectively with UTA athletic administration, coaches, and staff. It enables student-athletes to provide recommendations for the improvement of academic, athletic and social experiences. The committee encourages unity, common purpose and camaraderie between teams and among all student-athletes.

SAAC Point System

SAAC Leadership Weekend (Aug. 2015)

SAAC Leadership Team

Darien McLemore Ayofemi Ibrahim
President Vice President

Ryan De Leon Morgan Hunt Sandra Mendoza Megan Thompson Simba Walker-Williams Alison Williams
Social Media
Social Media
Social Media
Team Campus
Team Community

Members of SAAC

  • Astrid Gehre Boettner
  • David Brefo
  • Qiana Canete
  • Tori Carter
  • Andrew (Drew) Charles
  • Angeles De Los Rios
  • Claudius (Tobi) Fawehinmi
  • Zachary Galliford
  • Debra Johnson
  • Chloe Lewis
  • Martin Lopez
  • Brittany May
  • Jacob Moreland
  • Mario Muniesa
  • Chineme Obkudu
  • Reid Petty
  • Joshua Radcliff
  • Victoria (Tori) Shelton
  • Emoni Taylor
  • Ally Te'o
  • Rebekah VanDijk
  • Cassidy Wheeler
  • Kaelon Wilson


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