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May 12, 2017

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2017 Sun Belt Conference Outdoor Track & Field Championships
Friday, May 12 • Maverick Stadium • Arlington, Texas

Michael Guerrero, UTA, Men's 10,000-meters
"Going in, I wanted to take the lead like I did from the start. I wanted to sit back for a little bit and see where the race was playing out. Coming around the turn on the first lap I took the lead. At about two miles, I got a side stitch so I had to try to work through it. I slowed down a little bit to get my breathing under control. They took advantage of me a little and caught me, so I saw on them until my side stitch went away. It went away at about four miles, so I sat there with a plan to go with about a mile to go. All week it was a toss-up about how I wanted to race it. I actually used two race strategies. With four laps to go, I was going to book it and sure enough it worked out. This is my first individual title. In the indoor, it was the same situation. I had the lead the whole time in the 3k but I got out-kicked at the line. In the 5k, Joseph Meade ended up passing me the last lap. I said 'not again' so this was really satisfying. (Meade) and I have had this conversation (about the rivalry). After indoor, through social media, we were talking and I said he should be ready for the 10k, that I wasn't going to let him out-kick me again."

Joseph Meade, Texas State, Men's 10,000-meters
"I felt I did alright. I definitely had more in the tank, but I am not accustomed to leading. It took a lot out of me. Mike (Guerrero) is a tough guy. He deserved it. He raced harder. I would probably have been more focused. I was kind of too relaxed throughout the day. I should have been more hands-on during the race. I could have reacted a little better, too. I have the 5k this week. After (the Sun Belt Championships), I am going to rest up and start getting ready for cross (country). I hope to make nationals next year."



Annie Bothma, Coastal Carolina, Women's 10,000-meters
"I must be honest, I was very nervous (coming into the race). I didn't have the season I had planned. This is only my fourth week back running. I was out for 2-and-a-half months after the indoor championships. I was in a car accident in 2015 and was out for a year. I had a good cross country season but at nationals I was forced to stop because of problems in my back. I have only done one track workout this whole season. This is only my second track race of the season. I am extremely happy. Thanks to my coach. She believed in me and had the confidence I could do it. When you think of running, you think of the individual sport and of your own race. But, at conference it is not that way. Everyone counts. I am so glad to be here today and to be a part of my team. To be at Coastal Carolina is a big privilege for me. The last time I competed in outdoor track was in 2013 in South Africa when I was 17 years old."

Tristin Van Ord, Appalachian State, Women's 10,000-meters
"Today, I just knew I wanted to go in with a good effort. I knew that Annie was going to go out really fast. So, I was prepared that I was going to behind her but in front of the next group. I like to talk to my team and hang out with them before the race to calm my nerves. The time today wasn't really a PR. But, I felt really good and I wanted to compete for second place. I knew Annie was going to out out fast. She went out at my 5k PR pace. I knew from the first couple of laps, I knew I was out of it right away. Next up I am running the 5k and I'm going to try to win that."

Helen Falda, UTA, Women's Pole Vault
"Today I didn't feel so well because I have an eye infection. But, I jumped and I did my best. (On the jump-off for first place) I was thinking I would have to do my best. It is good (to compete against a teammate) because that means that we are the best. We are together every day and we support each other a lot."

Madison Pecot, UTA, Women's Pole Vault
"I felt good. I'm happy with out the competition turned out. I wished I had pulled it out in the end. But, I'm happy for Helen (Falda). We jump (together) every day in practice. Today we just like practice. We push each other so it was a really great day. I'm thankful to have her for a teammate, for sure. (Competing against a teammate) is different. You want her to do really well, but you also want to do really well. All-in-all, we had a great day. (Breaking the stadium record) is awesome. That's great. That is something to be proud about."

Bartus Basic, Louisiana, Men's Javelin
"I felt good today. I almost set a PR. I didn't try to hard, I focused on my technique and it worked out. I liked the runway and the competition. It was perfect. Today is the day to be at your best and peak in your performance. I was consistent. I had three throws of 66 (meters) and one of 68. It means a lot (to provide maximum points toward the team score). I was planning to bring home 10 points and I did it, so I am happy."

Barbara Rivera, South Alabama, Women's Javelin
"It was shocking when they said 50. My personal best was 46.97. I've always wanted to hit 50. I was hoping for 47. I'm really happy with the way things have gone today. My teammates have been great, I did great. Everything is awesome."

Chloe White, Coastal Carolina, Women's Javelin
"I felt (my performance) could have been better. I was a little bit shaky out there. This is my first time at the Sun Belt (championships). It wasn't too bad, though. I'll dig it and keep going from there. The conditions weren't too bad. Most of the time, the wind was blowing in my direction. My last throw was a season best, so I'm happy to go home with it."

Franz Beyer, Louisiana, Decathlon
"My performance today wasn't too bad. Unfortunately, my hamstring started cramping up in the long jump warmups. I scratched a 7-meter jump. That kind of threw me back. I PR'd in the shot put by one-half a meter. I hadn't high jumped in two-and-a-half months. In the 400 you could feel the wind down the stretch right in my face. And, my hamstring was cramping up. So, I struggled through the last 50 meters. (The key to coming back strong tomorrow) is to see the trainer and get treatment. I need to get my hamstring back, especially for the hurdles since it is my lead leg. I need to come back strong tomorrow. I am pretty good over the hurdles and I usually have a strong second day, so I should be fine."

Hayden Hampton, Arkansas State, Decathlon
"Well, I had five PRs out of five events. So, I'd say that is probably pretty solid. I don't know where a lot of these performances are coming from. But, hey, I'm not complaining. In the high jump, I think the wind was helping me to be honest. I got a PR there. In the 400, it definitely made it a lot harder but I knew I had to finish strong. I need to get some good rest tonight, eat right and carry this momentum into tomorrow."

Christian Ravar Ladislau, Arkansas State, Men's Hammer Throw
"I felt great today. I waited a long time to throw 67 meters. That is the minimum standard for the European Under 23 Championships, so for the whole season I was wanting to throw that distance. Today was the perfect day, being the conference championships. Now I want for two weeks for regionals and throw the same. The goal is to be in the nationals. I started the season with a 66-meter throw. During the middle of the season I lost my rhythm. I worked hard for the last two weeks to get back. I had a good feeling today, got good rest last week and it worked. The wind today does not affect the hammer. It was a good day, not too sunny or rainy. Good track, good ring. Perfect day."

Alexus Henry, UTA, Heptathlon
"Overall, now that I got the 200-meters out of the way, I am feeling way better. I had a good hurdle race. I PR'd there, so I set myself up for a good day. High jump and shot put were right there at my PRs. I didn't really hit them, but they were good enough. I know then, though, that I had to push hard in the 200. I went out there and PR'd again. So, I feel really good about the first day. It is windy. I am not really used to it. In certain ways, it helps. In other ways, it doesn't. It has affected today's competition. What is important for tomorrow is resting, recovering and getting ready. Tomorrow my goal is to maintain first place, hopefully hit some PRs and remain competitive."

Emile Berge, South Alabama, Heptathlon
"I am overall very happy. The shot put could have been a bit better. I PR'd in the 100-meter hurdles and the 200, not legal PRs because of the wind. So, I am very happy with that. The wind was a factor today, especially in the high jump. We were standing there and waiting for it to calm down. If there was not enough time, you just had to do your best. Tomorrow, it will be important for me to know how to handle the side winds in the long jump and javelin. It will be important to be prepared mentally."


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