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May 13, 2017

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2017 Sun Belt Conference Outdoor Track & Field Championships
Saturday, May 13 • Maverick Stadium • Arlington, Texas

Katleho Dyoyi, South Alabama, Men's 3,000-meter Steeplechase
"I want to say I saw this coming. Right after indoors I got injured, my achilles tendon so I couldn't really do much after that. I was out for almost two weeks. So, I had to stay strong mentally. I did just that and I knew I would be peaking at the right time. That was part of my recovery. I executed my race plan very well. A big shoutout to my coach. We have done a lot of work this year in the steeplechase. I've been exposed to this particular injury for a couple of years now, I knew the rehab part. I had to challenge myself to be strong mentally. I've been reading a few books, one with Alberto Salazar. Honestly, my coach is there for me. I have a support group back home and on campus. That helps mentally to stay in the game. I was trying to go for a sub-9 minutes."

Devina Schneider, Texas State, Women's 3,000-meter Steeplechase
"I was aiming for a much faster time. It was only my third time running it, so I'm happy with it. It is my PR. In the past, the race has been a lot faster. I'm hoping in the future there will be more competition in this race. It was fun. It was cool being a redshirt freshman and having this experience."

Jaylen Bacon, Arkansas State, Men's 200-meters
"The 200 was definitely a lot better than the 100 was. I think I came out of the curve very well. I was a lot stronger than I thought I was going to be. Most of the goal was to make the final and not go all out. (Running two events) You are already warm, mostly from warming up for the 100. You don't want to overexert yourself. You still need to get your block starts in, strides. Training is the most important part. I need to ice bath, cool down. I need to feel refreshed. I'd like to break some PRs tomorrow."



Victor Fincher, UTA, Men's 100-meter hurdles
"I felt pretty good. Coming off the seventh and eighth hurdle, I felt myself getting tired. I mentally prepared myself for that little finish at the end. I winded-up pulling off firsts so winning my heat was excited. For the finals, I need to rest, stay off my legs and block everything out to concentrate."

Petter Gustafsson, UTA, Men's 100-meter hurdles
"I think I have been feeling good the last couple of weeks. I've been peaking at the right time. My body has been feeling good. I had a hamstring injury a couple of weeks ago. I overcame that and today I was focused on making the finals, run a decent race technically. It is awesome having friends to cheer for us. It is definitely nice, especially when we have a chance to get the triple crown."

Karl Goodman, UTA, Men's 400-meters
"Big PR. I couldn't have done it at any other time. I want to say thank you to the coaches for believing in me. There have been highs and lows in my senior year. I had to go out with a bang. (My teammates and I) die together on the track every day. Whoever makes it through to the final, we did it as a team. I just want to say the teamwork and spirit on this team are unbelievable. I live them like family."

Anika Charles, Little Rock, Women's 400-meters
"My performance was pretty good. I have some stuff to change, but it was pretty good. The goal was to finish strong and to qualify for the finals. The conditions were nice. Not too windy. It was pretty good. Tonight, I just need to rest and get ready for tomorrow."

Sydney Davis, Georgia State, Women's 400-meters
"I was pretty nervous. I tried to make sure I went over my strategy a number of times in my head, visualized it and made sure I executed. The plan is definitely to make it in first so I can make it to finals. The key will be to make sure I stay focused, take care of my body today and just let whatever happens happen."

Lincoln Warren, Texas State, Men's 400-meters
"It was a good comfortable race. I need to work on getting out. In the 400, my coach tells me to keep it cool and keep comfortable and finish the race to get to the final. The goal is to get to the final. I still have the 200 later on. I also have the 4x100 and the 4x400. Tomorrow is going to be a long day. Managing my time and recovering after each event will be important. At the end of the day, we'll see how it goes."

Darlene Girardeau, Appalachian State, Women's 100-meters
"I think I had a good start. I could have worked on my finish, for sure. That was the biggest thing, to try to get in front of my competitors from the start. I know a lot of them have long legs and can pull out good acceleration. That was the key, the beginning. The goal is always to PR, but the main one is to make it to the next day, make it to the finals. I got that done."

Alexis Baldwin, UTA, Women's 100-meters
"My main focus was getting out of the blocks as strong as I could and finishing hard. I did get a little tight. The wind was really strong. My goal was to make it to finals. That is all I was focused on today. (Running at UTA) is nerve-wracking. But, I love all the support. It will be great tomorrow to have that support."

Hanoj Carter, Louisiana, Men's 100-meters
"I felt really pleased with (my performance). The first start (a false start) was better than my second one. That threw me off a little bit. I had a really good drive phase. I just tried to stay relaxed coming through the finish line. The plan was to qualify for finals. I have had a really tough season. Being my last season, I've been trying to force some things. My coach just told me to get here and do what I do in practice. I have cut down on weight lifting and I've done a lot more meditation to clear my mind. It is working."

Therius Styles, Coastal Carolina, Men's 100-meters
"I wanted to make sure I made it into the final. I was looking to go a little bit faster than that. Hopefully, I can come out with a 'W'. That is my goal. Recover will definitely be a key, make sure I eat well and get some sleep. Recovery is going to be the key tomorrow."

Jaylen Bacon, Arkansas State, Men's 100-meters
"It definitely wasn't near my best. I kind of took myself out of the race at the beginning. My start was nowhere where I wanted it to be. About halfway through the race I needed to do something. 10.15 is not a bad time, but it is nowhere near what I am going to do. (At the end) It wasn't really a shutdown. I had to make up for the beginning (of the race). If you don't get out there in the beginning, you are going to have to get it somewhere. It was a put together race at the end. The start just wasn't there. (Being defending champion) motivates me. I know everyone is coming. I need to be on my game 100 percent. I enjoy being in front and having a target on my back."

Anamarija Petters, UTA, Women's 800-meters
"(My performance) should have been better. I hope I can make it to the final with this result. We'll see. I just wanted to try to run my personal best today."

Esther Oyetunde, Texas State, Women's 800-meters
"I think it went alright. It could have been better, but we'll take it. Usually my third 200 is really bad. I got the first part right, but tomorrow I will need to work on my last 200."

Lincoln Warren, Texas State, Men's 200-meters
"That was a good 200. I recovered well. I had a good start. It was key to recover from the 100. Coach told me to use my time well and prepare myself for the 200. I got a good warm-up and it worked out. Tomorrow is all about management. I have a set schedule. I just need to follow that schedule. It is all on me on how I do."

Desmond Mapps, Little Rock, Men's 200-meters
"I was just trying to make the finals. Keep it easy and smooth. I needed to focus. I felt off a little bit today, but did enough to go through and that was the plan."

Tamerah Gorham, UTA, Women's 800-meters
"(The goal) was to get first in the heat. I was just trying to stay in front so I could be able to relax and make it to the final. (Tactics) Because I was the fastest going into it, I either needed to win the heat or post a fast time. That was my strategy. If I am in front, I can relax a little bit and not have to go all out in the prelim. It is kind of difficult (to run at UTA). Not because of the crowd. It is just that I practice here every day. It doesn't necessarily feel like conference. It feels like practice. Having a crowd to cheer the final will help a lot."

Hesmari Coetzee, Coastal Carolina, Women's 400m Hurdles
"I have been practicing pretty hard and I have my head for regionals, so I might as well run my heart out. I am pretty satisfied. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I would really like some competition tomorrow, which I will get definitely. I should be able to drop my time with the necessary competition."

Garrett Moore, UTA, Men's 400m Hurdles
"I hadn't been running very consistent all year. I am happy to run a decent time, probably make finals and get another chance to improve on what I ran today to see if I can come away with a season best. (On final preparation) I just need to put everyone aside and focus on myself. I need to do what I know what I have to do to run faster. (Running at UTA) It is nice that we are here at home, but it can also be sort of a distraction due to the fact that we aren't staying at a hotel and it doesn't feel like an away track meet."

Nick Hilson, Arkansas State, Men's 400m Hurdles
"I felt I executed well. I got out of the blocks. I felt good throughout my phases. I kept my compusure and finished it through. This was a confidence booster. I know what I need to do, even though I am a freshman. The sky is the limit as long as I push through."

Sydni Willis, Texas State, Women's 400m Hurdles
"I could have done better. My technique could have been better. That's alright. It is all about qualifying today. I have nothing to lose tomorrow, so I will have to give it my all. Technique will be important tomorrow. That, and making sure I am attacking."

Erik Martinsson, UTA, Men's 800-meters
"My goal today was to get to the finals. I did it. That is what I wanted to do. I tried to open up a little faster than I was planning since I had a teammate in my heat and I wanted him to qualify for the finals as well. I think I could have run 1:46.00. I have to save some for tomorrow. I need to get treatment, eat a lot, drink a lot of water and gatorade, sleep early and go out tomorrow and go for a run. I'll leave my soul out on the track. It is like practice. Honestly, I've never been that tired at the (600 meter mark). But, I usually don't open up that fast. It is nice and helpful to have friends and family here to watch."

Ryan Hastings, Appalachian State, Men's 800-meters
"It went alright. I felt a little sluggish today. That is just getting the conference jitters out of me. I felt fine in the end. (The plan is) to go as slow as I can but still make it to the finals. The conditions were fine. There was really no wind today."

Emeka Nwangu, UTA, Men's 100m Hurdles
"It was a good way to set up for the finals tomorrow being that it was the fastest time. Hopefully that will put me in a good lane. (Tomorrow) Just do it again the same way. I want run the same way not really change anything. I ran the prelims like a final. (The UTA teammates are) all looking to go 1-2-3. That's the plan. We did the first part of getting everybody in the finals."

Brendan Wallace, UTA, Men's 400-meters
"(Today) was a PR. It felt pretty good. I sat relaxed and made my move. I was really patient so that's all I was focusing on. I am happy with the time and now just got to get ready for finals. (Tomorrow) Stay positive and ready mentally and use this as motivation to go through and get the time. It's good. It's fun. Karl (Goodman) went to finals in indoor and raced each other so this is is last race. So we're going to go out there and give it all we've got in the finals tomorrow"

Shemiah Brooks, Arkansas State, Women's 100m Hurdles
"I believe my start could have been way better but coming out of the blocks I wasn't really steady. I got a good habit of coming on strong at the end and putting it together and keeping it together so I could come out and do what I need to do. (Tomorrow) I'll just go for it. It's as simple as that. Put it all on the track."

Abby Hani, Texas State, Women's 100m Hurdles
"I'm a senior and I just want to finish with a bang and that's all I have on my mind. I'm thankful I made it to finals and I'm ready to get after it tomorrow."

Tobi Fawehinmi, UTA, Long Jump
"Today was a blessing. It's my first time ever scoring in the long jump at a conference meet. The jumps overall felt good. I know I have a lot more in the tank. It means a lot to compete at home, especially in my last conference meet. Just to feed off my teammates and the energy and vibes everywhere, it's awesome."

Marquez Moore, Coastal Carolina, Long Jump
"It was tough. I tweaked my ankle a little bit on the first jump of the second round. I had to fight through it. I knew I had one jump left. I just cleared my head and got a nice clap going. I got the rhythm in my head and ran hard. Everything worked for the best."

Alexus Henry, UTA, Women's High Jump
"Honestly, I performed better than I thought expected just because the past two days I've been competing in the heptathlon. I was pretty drained today after the 800 but in knew I had to give it all I've got. It was the last thing I had to do today so I just gave it my all and did better than I expected. Today was more of a struggle clearing it out of my mind after the 800 because I was pretty upset, but I knew I had to forget about it and get past it. Since are at home, I was able to back to my apartment and chill out and relax, forget about that and focus on what I have to do in high jump today."

Chelsie Decoud, Texas State, Women's High Jump
"It feels pretty good. Last year was a pretty good year, but I struggled with a back injury. Every time I jumped it was painful to land, but being a competitor I have to just keep pushing it. We've been doing a lot of rehab and practice. With the help of my other two teammates it really helped me keep my head on straight."

Christian Schiemann, UTA, Decathlon
"It feels great, especially after all of the stuff I've been through. I had Tommy John surgery last year and I wasn't cleared to throw until two weeks ago so I just picked up the javelin today and threw a PR, which is crazy. In the pole vault six weeks ago I ruptured my labrum so I wasn't able to run over the last six weeks. Yesterday was the first day I put on spikes in six weeks so I was out of shape like crazy. On day one you have to be in shape and quick. Even though I'm not a great jumper, day one was less than I expected. Usually you feel worse on the second day. But, today I felt way better. I opened with a PR in the hurdles. I injured my hip in the hurdles (earlier) and they told me that, if I get surgery I would not be able to run for a year. I said I didn't want surgery before conference. In the pole vault, I almost no heighted but ended up doing well. Then, setting a PR in the javelin after not throwing for the last 14 months was fun. In the 1500-meters, I just had to finish. I wish I could have finished a little stronger, but I was dead. (The team) was counting on seven points total from the decathlon between Nick (Karlsson) and I. I wanted to tell my coaches I would collect the seven points myself. It is even better that they expected less and I was able to put it together. I knew in my head that on a good day I could beat any of them. But after day one, I didn't think it would be a good day. The second day got me really pumped opening up with a PR. You've just got to open up strong and then have to have it fall in place.""

Hayden Hampton, Arkansas State, Decathlon
"Coach said if I just met my PRs or got close in each event that I would score points for the team. To be honest, I didn't want to score points. I wanted to stand on the podium. By some miracle of God, I PR'd in seven of my 10 events. I'm definitely happy overall with my performance. The heat, overall, today helped. It helped keep everything loose and good to go. I had a pretty great performance this weekend, overall. Hopefully, next year I can be on the podium again. (As a freshman) I set a high standard this year. Hopefully, I can get there again. We sat down in our team meeting Coleton (Cliff) and I would probably score six points together. We scored 11. So, that feels pretty great to the team success."

Shemiah Brooks, Arkansas State, Women's Long Jump
"I know I could do better, but under the circumstances I think I was able to pull it together because I really believe in myself. I tried to stay positive and know that I could be the best that I can be. (Training) was kind of chill this week, knowing what was ahead - especially since I do more than one event. I knew I couldn't kill myself going into this meet. I am proud of myself. I kind of shocked myself, but I knew I was capable of (winning)."

Anny Hani, Texas State, Women's Long Jump
"I surprised myself. I persevered, especially in long jump after coming off the 800 and finishing the heptathlon. It was difficult, but I kept telling myself it was all in my head and that I just had to do what I know what to do. I was tired. My legs were dead from the 800. But, at the end of the day I am walking out of here with a medal, which I'm blessed about and I am so happy. Not many people can say they walked out of here with a medal. (About team contribution, placing in two events) I am a senior this year and we are trying to get that ring for the outdoor, after we won the indoor. It would be awesome to finish (my career) with and indoor and outdoor championship. It was really nice to contribute, be a part of it and do what I can."

Emile Berge, South Alabama, Women's Heptathlon
"Overall I'm very happy. The 800 was the most painful experience of my life I'm pretty sure. I started very fast, so it was pure will on the last lap."


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