BSB: Ryan Roberts gives UTA five in Bigs

Ryan Roberts played at UTA from 2002-03.

April 10, 2014

ARLINGTON, Texas – When the Boston Red Sox signed UT Arlington product Ryan Roberts earlier this week, the number of Mavericks in Major League Baseball jumped to five. Only 12 programs in the country have more current Big Leaguers than UT Arlington.

"It's a testament to the fact that players get better when they come here," UT Arlington coach Darin Thomas said. "Hopefully that helps us attract more quality players if their goal is to get drafted and play professional baseball.

"We're very proud of the guys in the Majors and the success they've had, and we're rooting for the guys in the minor leagues that are on the way to making it."

The only school in Texas with more players that UT Arlington is UT Austin. The four other Mavericks on MLB rosters are Hunter Pence (San Francisco), Michael Choice (Texas), John Lackey (Boston), and Dillon Gee (New York Mets). Three more UTA players are in Triple-A: Mark Lowe, Rett Varner and Logan Bawcom.

Roberts, 33, is a veteran of parts of the last eight major league seasons with the Toronto Blue Jays (2006-07), Texas Rangers (2008), Arizona Diamondbacks (2009-12), and Tampa Bay Rays (2012-13). He played 18 games with the Chicago Cubs this spring.



A number of UT Arlington players are also in the Minor Leagues. Since Thomas has been head coach, 11 UTA players have been drafted. Thomas has also coached seven of the 10 former UTA players that have reached the Majors.


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