More than tough

Feb. 21, 2011

By: Ryan Feiock
Special to UT Arlington Athletics

ARLINGTON, Tex. - UT Arlington's Bo Ingram isn't afraid to get in the paint and fight for the ball.

On Jan. 29 Ingram got split open above his eye but got stitched up quickly, came back into the game and led the Mavericks in points.

That encounter has been the most physical so far this year. Still he gets pushed around on the court regularly. The thing is, he pushes back.

"I feel like I'm aggressive. Anytime I can hit someone in the mouth I'll do it," Ingram said. "I can take a beating back. That's how I grew up. I got bullied around and I'll return the favor. I don't have any problems scrapping with anyone."

Ironically head coach Scott Cross wants him to be more aggressive.

"Bo, I think he really doesn't force a whole lot of stuff," Cross said. "There's probably times that we could use for him to be a little more aggressive."

Ingram's strength is a major component of his offensive game. Through a significant part of the season, he has made a living using his body in the paint to physically beat opponents and score points.

To go along with his physical nature he has been able to amass the team's best 3-point percentage in conference play, making 20 of 46 (43 percent).

"We just have to find ways to get him the ball so he can get going early on," Cross said. "Usually when he gets his feet squared and set I feel like everyone he sets is going in."

Ingram's shooting has been strong, but he knows that isn't what the team needs most from him. His true value comes in the paint fighting for the team where the smaller guys might not be able to produce similar results.

The big man doesn't worry about the little things that could happen to him on the court. He doesn't even worry about the worse that could happen to him.

"I just don't think about all the little bumps and bruises and stuff. I just get out here and play the game I love," Ingram said. "The only thing that will stop me is if I break something, any part of my body, so that's the only thing that will stop me from playing the game... either that or if somebody kills me. If I break something I'm ready to come back in 6 weeks at the most."



He also posses the innate ability to take over a game when the team needs him the most.

Case in point: On Feb. 16, after falling behind by 15 points, the Mavs fought back in the second half to take the game into overtime. Ingram put up 10 points in regulation. In overtime he took the game in his hands scoring five of the seven to lead UTA to the win.

"Just letting the game come to me," Ingram said. "Basically not being too fast and just settling down and relaxing. I got the feel of the ball and I see it going in. It feels good, like when you have the ability to take over the game."

While Ingram is soft spoken, when it comes to game time he is more about his actions than his words.


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