Wilson embodies hard work, determination

Feb. 27, 2018

By UTA Public Relations Student Briana Sanchez

Senior guard Kaelon Wilson is winding down his final season at UT Arlington and playing better than ever.

Wilson played a major role at the end of last season to help fill when teammate Jalen Jones was injured in the Sun Belt Championship semifinal. In a press conference held before the start of the new season, UTA head coach Scott Cross named Wilson one of the "Breakouts of the Year."

"That just shows the confidence he has in the team, especially me," Wilson said. "It's not shocking and it just shows how good of a team we have."

Wilson is a business management major from nearby Lancaster. Not much travel time to UTA, but for Wilson, it's perfect. He takes tremendous pride in his family and loves spending time with them. According to Wilson, his family is very supportive and is on board with him playing basketball after college - possibly overseas.

Wilson has known since he was young that he wanted to play basketball in the future.

"I've been playing basketball since I was five, so I've loved it from the jump," Wilson said. "Once middle school came around and I started scoring more, that's when I really, really liked it."

That's not all, though. Wilson says he would not rule out coaching basketball later in life.

"A couple of summers ago, I helped my uncle coach," said Wilson. "I don't want to say it's a passion yet, but I really enjoyed it. I could see myself being a coach."

His best quality? According to Wilson, it is the fact that he is caring and tends to put others ahead of himself.

"I definitely get this from my grandma," Wilson said. >/p>

He smiles and tells the story of how his grandma tends to give him extra cash when his grandpa isn't looking.



"There will be times when I'll ask my Paw Paw for some money and he'll say no because he wants me to work for it," Wilson said. "I'll do something little and he'll give me $10. Without making me work for it, my grandma will slide me an extra 20. It's just little stuff like that that just seeps into my personality."

While his grandma has influenced his compassion, Wilson credits his grandfather with teaching him motivation and drive.

"He has always told me that hard work, dedication, motivation and determination can lead me to success and that has always stuck with me," Wilson said.


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