20 Questions with Zack Fischer

Oct. 14, 2009

ARLINGTON, Texas - UTA Sports Information sat down with junior golfer Zack Fischer to ask 20 questions about the season, favorite courses and even the Dallas Cowboys.

Josh Bowe: "You've been playing well your last three events, what can you account for that?"

Zach Fisher: I've been putting really well these last three tournaments and it's showed in my scores. It's been a good putting month I guess" (laughs)

JB: "What can you attribute your success on the green?"

ZF: "I don't really know, I've just been working really hard with coach (Jay Rees) on it and I guess it's just sort of clicked these last few weeks."

JB: "What do you think of how the team did at Notre Dame?"

ZF: "We played really well in the last round. In the first round we didn't post a quality score and that says a lot about the team because we made up so much by the end of the tournament. I think they're making a big turnaround. I think its just a matter of time before we break through."

JB: "What do you think the limit is for this team getting closer to conference and national tournaments?"

ZF: "Our team is really explosive. We make a lot of birdies and can go low really quickly. I think if we play well I don't think there are many teams out there that can beat us if they play well too."

JB: "It seems you and coach Rees have a great relationship, can you talk about that more?"

ZF: "Coach Rees is great. We wouldn't be scheduled to play in the events we play in without him. Being able to get us into these huge tournaments it just means so much that I don't think we can ever pay him back for what he does. Me and him have a great relationship because he goes with me for every tournament usually and even if I'm playing bad he'll still stick with me."

JB: "I know you love golf and playing it, but where do you see yourself after college? Do you still expect to play golf?"



ZF: "I'm going to give it my best shot. If I stick with it I think I can play with anybody...I believe I can go all the way if I stick with it and don't get in my own way. I don't know how it's going to end up but I'm going to give it my best shot."

JB: "Who do you watch most on the PGA Tour?"

ZF: "Obviously I watch Tiger (Woods) a lot. I love the way he competes, not necessarily his attitude on the golf course but the way he competes, he competes like no one else in the world. But probably my favorite golfer is David Toms. When I was 12 years-old he gave me his visor and signed it and gave it to me."

JB: "Who can you credit for getting you into golf?"

ZF: "Definitely my Dad. I started when I was four years old. I've been into my whole life and he definitely got me started. I can't just credit my Dad, my Mom's helped me a lot and my sister goes to all the tournaments."

JB: "Is there any other sports you got into when you were young?"

ZF: "I played all the normal little kid sports except football. Baseball, soccer and everything but football. Whenever I was 10 or 11 I made the decision to quit baseball and focus on golf. I played tennis in middle school for fun because they didn't have a golf program."

JB: "What do you like to do if you're not golfing?"

ZF: "When I go home for the summer I play church league softball. I absolutely love church softball. It's like the most fun thing I've ever done in my life (laughs). It's just nice to get away from golf because you're working so hard in the spring and then I can get away from it."

JB: "Does coach or anyone ever tell you that your softball swing might mess up your golf swing."

ZF: "He doesn't exactly know (laughs). So I don't think it's a big deal. I don't think softball will mess up my swing or anything."

JB: "What sport do you like to watch the most on TV?"

ZF: "Football. Definitely football. I scream at the TV sometimes."

JB: "Is it more for NFL or is it more for college?"

ZF: "Well I mean it used to be college because I would root for UT but now I'm like a man without a home here. One of my friends goes to University of Arkansas so I root for them and UT sometimes but the Cowboys are my main team."

JB: "Would you say so far this season you're not too happy with what's been going on with the Cowboys?"

ZF: "Oh man I'm furious. I'm so glad they just finally won but it's against Kansas City and they're winless. It's sort of a joke. But I actually think they're starting to play as a team so maybe they'll step it up."

JB: "Are the rest of the guys on the team into the Cowboys? Do you all watch games together?"

ZF: "We watch more college football together not much NFL because not everyone is into the NFL. We have a couple of guys that are into Texas a lot so we'll watch that."

JB: "What is thing you guys do the most as team? Besides golfing obviously."

ZF: "Well probably just playing basketball at the MAC. Just to get together and have a little friendly competition, you know? (laughs)."

JB: "How do you handle the schoolwork and golfing because you're almost out of town for every single tournament?"

ZF; "It's really hard. I just make sure to know what's going on before I leave and to read ahead. Get with the professors and learn what they're talking about ahead of time. They're pretty easy going. I haven't had any problem with them. If you miss a test they'll give you a make-up date. It's not too bad. The pain is missing a test and having to make it up. The thing is just sticking with it."

JB: "What would you say is your favorite course to play on? And how about the hardest?"

ZF: "The hardest course is definitely the one we just got back on at Notre Dame. That's the hardest golf course I have ever played. And my favorite? I really like that course we played in Iowa...Hawaii was pretty cool. The course wasn't all that cool but you could see the ocean in the background. So scenery wise probably Hawaii. But condition wise the one we played in Iowa. It's called the Blue Top Ridge."

JB: "Have you been to any historic golf courses?"

ZF: "I got to go to Pinehurst last year for the U.S. Amateur and that was really awesome. Playing at a golf course that old was just amazing. Probably one of the coolest things I've ever seen."


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