Q&A with Cordero Gray

Jan. 27, 2010

ARLINGTON, Texas - UTA Sports Information sat down with junior Cordero Gray to find out more about a track athletes life, Gray's results thus far and his plans after he graduates. Gray has already qualified for the Southland conference meet after only two invitational's.

Phillip Long: "Would you consider track and field to be more team or individual oriented?"

Cordero Gray: "It's both. The whole season is basically individual but the conference tournament is a team event. We do everything for the team."

PL: "How much training is involved on a daily basis?"

CG: "At the beginning of the week we work hard but at the end of the week we take it east and get ready for the meets."

PL: "Is there a specific diet or anything that you are supposed to go by?"

CG: "Yeah, we are supposed to. I don't think I too much follow that. You're not supposed to eat fried food, but baked chicken and stuff like that."

PL: "What do you plan to do when you graduate?"

CG: "I'm gonna try and go professional or be a coach. Something along those lines with track and field."

PL: "Last year you qualified for the NCAA championships. How was that experience?"

CG: "It was awesome, a dream come true. I got to run with some of the fastest people in the nation."

PL: "What is your favorite event to run?"

CG: "My favorite event... Probably the 100m or the 4x100 medley. Indoor would definitely be the 60m."

PL: "What is the difference in the two in terms of preparation?"

CG: "You have to do a lot of distance training for the 200m to gain more strength, do more 300m sprints and other things like that. For the short distance its lots of sprints and technique. Working on block and speed."

PL: "Where would you say your best event was so far in your career?"

CG: "I would have to say at regionals last year. I had my personal best(PR) in everything that I ran in. I PR'd in the 100m and the 200m. That was probably my best showing."



PL: "What is your ultimate goal in your track career?"

CG: "Hopefully one day I can make it to the Olympics, that's everyone's goal. Hopefully I can achieve that and be a coach one day, after I'm done running."

PL: "Is there anyone that you follow or look up to?"

CG: "I've had a lot of great coaches here. All the past coaches, like Roy Williams who went to Tech and coach Dennis Darling who went to TCU. I always ask those guys a lot of questions. My favorite athlete is Tyson Gay so I always try and do a lot of stuff like he does. He trains up here sometimes so I ask him questions too."

PL: "Who would you say would be the person to watch this year and why?"

CG: "Juan Lewis. He's doing pretty good but I think he can do a lot better. He's kinda hurt right now, he hurt his hamstring. But watch out for him to do good things."

Gray and the rest of the track and field teams will attend the Sooner Invitational this weekend.


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