April 21, 2009

Arlington, Texas - UT-Athletic Pop Culture Survey

1. Kanye West really needs to...

Women's track athlete Megan Turner: Fix his hair!

Men's track athlete Cordero Gray: Stop saying he's Jesus.

Head Women's Basketball Coach Samantha Morrow: Be on more magazine covers!!

Volleyball player Bianca Sauls: He is just weird.

2. I'd run the Amazing Race with...

Turner: Alison Felix (USA Olympic track athlete)

Gray: Tyson Gay (USA Olympic track athlete)

Coach Morrow: Lance Armstrong

Sauls: I WOULDN'T!!!...but if I would, it would be with Amanda Aguilera (UTA volleyball teammate) because I know she wouldn't leave me :)

3. Favorite Chick Flick...

Turner: Bring It On

Gray: The Notebook

Coach Morrow: An Affair to Remember

Sauls: I can't decide between "Waiting to Exhale" and "She's All That"

4. When I was 15 I had a crush on...

Turner: Male Model Tyson Beckford

Gray: Jordan Durham (UTA graduate assistant track coach)

Coach Morrow: NBA Hall of Famer "Pistol" Pete Maravich

Sauls: J Boog for B2K

5. I can't believe still talk about...

Turner: Racism

Gray: Racism

Coach Morrow: How bad the Cowboys were last season

Sauls: President Obama's March Madness bracket and how he shouldn't have one

6. The last thing I do before I go to bed is...

Turner: Kiss my boyfriend goodnight

Gray: Pray

Coach Morrow: Turn the lights off

Sauls: Pray

7. One thing you'd be too embarrassed to buy...

Turner: Implants

Gray: Shoes from Payless

Coach Morrow: The National Enquire magazine

Sauls: Laxatives

8. If you could ask President Obama one question, what would it be...

Turner: Do you remember talking to me when you came to Bulter Community College in El Dorado, Kansas?



Gray: What's up with Area 51?

Coach Morrow: Are your daughters going to be basketball players?


9. Paris Hilton or Paris, France?

Turner: Paris, France

Gray: Paris, France

Coach Morrow: Paris, France

Sauls: Easy... Paris, France


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