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It's Begun...

It's begun - a new era in Maverick Athletics, and our student-athletes are on a mission to win.

It begins with their game preparation and ends with results, and everything that needs to come together to make that possible begins with you. A donation to the Maverick Club directly benefits our student-athletes, enabling them to reach their highest potential and win.

The Maverick Club is the annual giving fund for Athletics, enhancing our student-athletes’ experience at UT Arlington as well as funding our program as a whole. Your donation provides our individual teams the resources to compete each year.

How can you contribute to winning in this new era?

With a donation of $100, coaches can use those funds to buy a pair of cleats for Callie Collins, a freshman softball player who signed with UT Arlington so that she can fuel the passion for Maverick Athletics.

A $1,000 donation toward the Maverick Club helps maintain our weight room to increase the vertical jump of senior basketball player Brandon Edwards, as he continues the tradition of working harder than the competition.

A $10,000 donation toward the Maverick Club helps fly our baseball team to schools in the Sun Belt, bringing the pride of UT Arlington Athletics throughout the country as they compete.

These are just some of the examples of how your donation makes a difference for our student-athletes. Our success depends on the support from each and every Maverick Club member.

Passion, tradition and pride for UT Arlington Athletics is on the rise, and you have the opportunity to be a part of it.

It's begun. Don't get left behind.


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