SB: For Mendoza's, it's all about family

Oct. 6, 2017

ARLINGTON, Texas – For Sandra and Melanie Mendoza, it is always about family. Proof of how much support the pair receives can be simply seen by the amount of shares any news about either of the sisters have on social media. 

Sandra Mendoza is entering her senior season at UTA and has a list of accomplishments that stretch both on and off the field. From NFCA All-Region, to an NFCA Academic All-American, Sandra is a great role model to look up to. For Melanie, the accomplishments are already starting to roll in going to her sophomore season as they embark on the team's second and third fall games on Saturday in Dallas.

Like any sibling rivalry, there is a level of competitiveness. Then add in the ingredients of being roommates and teammates.

"We are really competitive," Sandra said. "We compete in little things all the time, and at the same time while we are competitive, we also understand each other. Sometimes I need help with school stuff and she is always good with helping me out and when it comes to softball I can help her with a lot of things in softball. We come in and do extra work in practice and we compete in little things. We hit the same way so we always do little games and stuff when practicing with our dad."

The Mendoza family has been a rock for the pair after they moved from Eagle Pass, Texas up to Arlington. The family has not only embraced the the duo as Mavericks, but have also seen the team as just a part of their extended family.

"It is really awesome," Melanie said. "We have always been really family oriented and have had a good fan base and always having our family there to support us and we really appreciate that."

Their dad has been a strong influence on the level that Sandra and Melanie have reached in the ranks of UTA softball. Helping coach the girls and constantly working with them to achieve even more, Sandra has pointed to him as a big reason of why they have reached the level that they are at today.



"It means everything to us," said Sandra. "Family has always been our number one and to know that our family will accept anything that we do and anything that we accomplish in the teams that we come. Our family loves UTA softball just as much as they love us because they have accepted UTA as a part of us. That means a lot to us because it shows how much they love us and how much we love them."

The dynamic Mendoza duo nearly didn’t come to fruition after Sandra decided to attend UTA. Melanie, like many in her position, had aspirations to go her own way to write her own story. But luckily for the program, she attended UTA camps and fell in love with the campus and made a switch to be a Maverick.

Since making that decision, there hasn't been any thoughts of doing it any other way as she noted that having Sandra beside her has only helped her with someone to practice with, spend time with and grow with.

"It has always been good for me because I have high expectation and I've had a good example to follow that has high standards as well and puts in hard work and has dedication," Melanie said of her sister. "It is great to have someone like that to follow."

When the Mendoza's aren't on the field, they are spending time around Arlington either getting their nails done, studying with one another or just enjoying their friendships with their teammates.

"It is honestly a lot of fun having Mel here basically because we like the same things, have the same interest and like to do the same things," Sandra said. "We want to succeed in life. We want to be happy, we want to be healthy and we want to do really well in softball. But most importantly we have the same morals and beliefs and that is really important to have in a best friend and in a sister."

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