SB: Mavs trade uniforms for costumes in final fall practice

By Brooke Ortale |
ARLINGTON, Texas - It was a flashback to the late 90's for some as UT Arlington softball went Nickelodeon themed in its annual costume contest over-the-line game to conclude the fall season on Tuesday.

The optimism is high after a strong fall schedule that saw the Mavericks sweep through five exhibition contests at Allan Saxe Field. Tuesday's festivities gave the team a chance to relax and enjoy a highly-anticipated practice to begin the winter break.
"I love it," Marisa Datko said. "We've done it every year and its what we look forward to. We had a great fall. It's the best fall we've had since I've been here, this just puts an extra topping on it so I love it."
The young ladies were divided into four teams with seniors captaining each squad. Two teams competed against each other on a time, with one hitting and the other on one side of field. The team on offense had to hit the ball on the specific side of the field and passed the defensive team to earn a point. The team on defense needed to record three outs for their opportunity to hit. The team with the most points won.
In her final season as a Maverick Datko and her teammates took a rather unique approach to their costume decision.
"This year it was Nickelodeon themed so my team wanted to come up with something that was human because we wanted to make it fun and different," Datko said. "We came up with Dora the Explorer since we perfectly had Mariah Denson and Cy'Andria Newton. Newton is kind of the mini me of Mariah so we thought Mariah could be Dora and Newton could be her backpack. So then I came up with the map where I wrap myself up and Calin Sims was perfect for Diego and then we had boots and swiper."
Shelbi Sikes and company portrayed different characters from the Rugrats television show, while Kacey Everett and Sam Montes seniored the Rocket Power team.
Mallory Foster and her squad represented team Spongebob Squarepants, with the theme song being played throughout the game to go with it. As part of Team Spongebob, Sandra Mendoza played Sandy and noted the importance of having fun before the grind of the spring season.
"It's a lot of fun to end on a fun note like this," Sandra Mendoza said. "It just shows how much fun we are together as a team and how much fun we have as a whole as well. When we're on the field we are going to have tough times when things are going wrong and when things are going right. It's always good and it's always positive to have fun times so this is awesome."




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