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Athletic Staff Directory
College Park Center
601 Spaniolo Drive
Arlington, Texas 76019-0079
Main Departmental Phone Number: 817-272-2261
Fax Number: 817-272-9524
Administration, Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Volleyball
Gilstrap Athletic Center
1309 W. Mitchell Street
Arlington, Texas 76019-0079
Main Departmental Phone Number: 817-272-2261
Fax Number: 817-272-5037
Baseball, Men's Women's Cross Country/Track & Field, Men's Golf, Softball, Men's and Women's Tennis
Area Code (817) For All Numbers

Director of Athletics Jim Baker 272-7170
Senior Associate AD for Finance and Administration John Mocek 272-2215
Senior Associate AD for Academics, Compliance and Student Welfare/Senior Woman Administrator Debbie Garcia 272-2047
Senior Associate AD for Development TBD
Senior Associate AD for Marketing and Tickets Russell Warren 272-5706
Associate AD for Business and Operations Tony Burken 272-2070
Associate AD for Sports Medicine Roy Rudewick 272-2265
Associate AD for Game Production and Fan Experience Derrick Grubbs 272-9607
Assistant AD for Eligibility and Certification Mishael Berger 272-2367
Assistant AD for Communications Art Garcia 272-2239
Director of Eligibility and Special Projects Pete Carlon 272-5039
Institutional Representative to the NCAA Dr. Barry McKeown 272-3127
Maverick Stadium Manager Tom Kloza 272-2033
Facilities and Events Management Mike Garcia 272-7167
Head Athletics Groundskeeper Andrew Siegel 272-1024
Assistant AD for Eligibility and Certification (Compliance) Mishael Berger 272-2367
Student Development Specialist II - Events and Honors Coordinator Mary Russell 272-0215
Student Development Specialist II - CHAMPS/Life Skills Tim Kennedy 272-0216
Student Development Specialist II Courtney Burken 272-9473
Student Development Specialist II Shannon Marshall 272-6321
Compliance Assistant Angela Perry 272-9589
Senior Associate AD for Marketing and Tickets Russell Warren 272-5706
Box Office Manager Jamie Webb 272-9595
Assistant Box Office Manager Jonathan Carroll 272-9595
Marketing Coordinator TBD
Student Involvement Chelsea Spurlock 272-2213
Blaze's Kids Club Coordinator
Jillian Tapia
Fan Engagement Brett Richter 272-2213
Game Activation Craig Bristol 272-2213
Assistant AD for Communications -       
Men's Basketball, Men's Golf Art Garcia 272-2239
Assistant Athletic Communications Director -       
Women's Basketball, Softball Michael Eldridge 272-7168
Communications Assistant - Volleyball, Baseball Paul Watley 272-9768
Men's and Women's Track & Field/Cross Country Drew Harris (254) 716-8573
Communications Graduate Assistant - M/W Tennis Hannah Altheide 272-9768
Communications Intern Kendall Nelms  272-9588
Broadcast and Video Production Josh Sours 272-9588
Broadcase and Video Production Intern Hannah Barnett 272-9588
Senior Associate AD for Development TBD
Development Coordinator, Athletic Alumni Kris Wood 272-9613
Development Assistant Kimberley Jardine 272-0694
Administrative Assistant II Lorraine Palmer 272-7170
Support Specialist II Rachel Smith 272-7166
Associate AD for Sports Medicine Roy Rudewick 272-2265
Assistant Athletic Trainer Gina Giammanco 272-0986
Assistant Athletic Trainer Jed Stratton 272-9472
Assistant Athletic Trainer Phillip Agtarap 272-2031
Assistant Athletic Trainer Meredith Decker 272-2031
Graduate Assistant Bao Duong 272-2031
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Kathy Wagner 272-0851
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Danny Wardell 272-9587
Graduate Assistant Sam Lackey 272-0851
Graduate Assistant Bryant Ferate 272-0851
Head Coach Darin Thomas 272-2542
Assistant Coach Jon Wente 272-7625
Assistant Coach Fuller Smith 272-0111
Assistant Coach Troy Dean Conkle 272-7625
Baseball Director of Operations Kasey Merck 272-9527
Head Coach Scott Cross 272-9258  
Associate Head Coach Greg Young 272-5751
Assistant Coach Zak Buncik 272-5707
Assistant Coach Kenneth Mangrum 272-9522
Director of Operations Brett Cervantes 272-9258
Head Coach Krista Gerlich 272-7165
Assistant Coach Kristin Cole 272-2243
Assistant Coach/Recruting Coordinator Ashley Crawford 272-1065
Assistant Coach Talby Justus 272-0211
Women's Basketball Director of Operations Courtney Lee 272-9521
Head Coach Jay Rees 272-5038
Assistant Coach Stuart Powell 272-5038
Head Coach Kristie Fox 272-5756
Assistant Coach Andy Jarvis 272-2366
Assistant Coach Camden Decker 272-2046
Head Coach Diego Benitez 272-2232
Assistant Coach Dmitry Minkin 272-2546
Head Coach John Sauerhage 272-5753
Associate Head Coach Brandon Berger 272-0190
Assistant Coach Jordan Hawkins Alexander 272-5825
Assistant Coach Wade Hayes 272-2367
Assistant Coach Tyrone Edgar 272-0190
Head Coach Diane Seymour 272-2242
Assistant Coach Kelly Richardson 272-2216
Assistant Coach Taylor Szypulski 272-9470


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